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I have a set of unit tests in C. Their form is: test_<filename>.c and when compiled they are test_<filename>.

I am trying to have new *.C file show up when a hg status is displayed, but any binary files (test_<filename>) to be suppressed.

What I have now is:


this works fine except for one case: where the <filename> ends with a c (i.e., test_func, from test_func.c)

Then test_func is displayed with a status of '? test_func'

I am a moderate regex guy, but have searched for a couple of weeks, but haven't found a solution - which I assume to be easy, once I see it.

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This is a bit hairy, but it seems to work, using a negative lookbehind (that's the (?<!a)b part):


To expand the part I changed — that is, ([^c]|(?<!\.)c):

    [^c]             // the last character can be anything other than c
    |                // or, if it is c
    (?<!\.)c         // it cannot be preceded by .

The extra \ in the negative lookbehind ("c not preceded by .") is needed to escape the ., which otherwise means "any character".

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doh! - thanks, I learn every day. – dougbert May 25 '11 at 16:04
Did this work for you? – Matt Ball May 25 '11 at 16:09

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