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I would like to implement java like switch-case functionality using ANTLR.

Following is the grammar I defined:

: "switch"^ LPAREN ! expression RPAREN ! LCURLY ! ( caseFuntion )* RCURLY !

: ("case"^ expression | "default") COLON!

But when I give the following example language, I am getting error saying RCURLY is expected but found print

  case 'Apple': print "apple";

Can someone help me with the grammar for switch case


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Sorry for not giving more details. I updated my example and error i received above. Yes I am using ANTLR V2 version. – Learning May 24 '11 at 6:24

You have forget to define what comes after the COLON.

("case"^ expression | "default") COLON!

matches to

case 'Apple':

but you have nothing for

print "apple";

You need something like this (I don't know ANTLR 2 good, don't take it literally!):

("case"^ expression | "default") COLON! statement
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