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By default JUnit jars have the version number in the file name, eg junit-4.8.2.jar. The JUnit Ant Task only looks for junit.jar. Is it possible to specify a name based on the standard naming convention. I'd like to do so because I want to reference libs in my local maven repository.

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Actually, JUnit task documentation gives you a few alternatives:

Note: You must have junit.jar available. You can do one of:

    Put both junit.jar and ant-junit.jar in ANT_HOME/lib.
    Do not put either in ANT_HOME/lib, and instead include their locations in your CLASSPATH environment variable.
    Add both JARs to your classpath using -lib.
    Specify the locations of both JARs using a <classpath> element in a <taskdef> in the build file.
    Leave ant-junit.jar in its default location in ANT_HOME/lib but include junit.jar in the <classpath> passed to <junit>. (since Ant 1.7)


This is what you need.

    <pathelement location="/path/to/your/custom/junit-4.8.2.jar""/>
    <path refid="your.other.classpath.dependencies" />
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I realize I can specify the path to junit.jar, but none of those options allow me to rename the file to junit-4.8.2.jar. – Justin Dearing May 23 '11 at 20:35
How about <classpath>/path/to/junit-4.8.2.jar</classpath> – Alexander Pogrebnyak May 23 '11 at 20:46
Oh I see now. I was being a little dense, but the documentation could be a bit more explicit that the junit jar could be called something other than junit.jar. – Justin Dearing May 24 '11 at 13:27

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