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Trying to follow the example on the wiki here: extending model Auth user class, and I am hitting a fatal error when it goes to validate.

ErrorException [ Fatal Error ]: Class 'Validate' not found

Any ideas? Here's the piece of code it fails on:

class Model_User extends Model_Auth_User
    public function validate_create(& $array) 
        // Initialise the validation library and setup some rules       
        $array = Validate::factory($array)
                        ->rules('password', $this->_rules['password'])
                        ->rules('username', $this->_rules['username'])
                        ->rules('email', $this->_rules['email'])
                        ->rules('password_confirm', $this->_rules['password_confirm'])
                        ->filter('username', 'trim')
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Using 3.1? Validate is now Validation and filters have been removed.

Check out and

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Haha, that explains alot – JoeCortopassi May 23 '11 at 19:53

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