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Which of the following, if either, is correct by standards?

<!-- Do the links surround the target link object -->
<a href=''><p>Link Description</p></a>
<!-- or does the object type encapsulate the link-->
<p><a href=''>Link Description</a></p>

I know they function the same, But it's a best practice/standards question. This could apply to ul/ol too.

The only reason I think to favor the <a> tag inside is with a situation like:

<p>This is a longer sentence with a <a href=''>short link here</a></p>


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The first example is only allowed in HTML5.

The second example is allowed in all versions of HTML/XHMTL.

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You can't wrap a block element with an inline element. You have to do this in that way:

<p><a href=''>Link Description</a></p>

This is W3C standard. Check this!

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thanks for the link! – j_syk May 23 '11 at 19:20
You can have block level links in HTML5: I would encourage everyone to start adopting HTML5. – edeverett May 23 '11 at 19:23
@edeverett Intuitively, I liked the idea of making a whole block a link, which is just what html5 allows. I'm new to web development, html5 has been at least partially supported ever since I started. So I have been able to do both methods with the same result, which is why I decided to ask which is preferred. Thanks for the help – j_syk May 24 '11 at 17:43
For HTML5 both ways are good and can be used in different circumstances. If you want a whole block level element to be linked -or a bunch of block level elements - then just wrap them in an anchor tag. If you just want some inline content linked carry on using <a> like normal. This is one of the less high profile but most useful updates to the new spec. – edeverett May 25 '11 at 8:23

anchors (a) should be inside a block element. So

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As of HTML 5, anchor tags (<a></a>) are allowed to wrap around almost anything, including paragraphs. So either example is valid, although I tend to prefer having anchors inside paragraphs.

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I would say the second one, than the <p> is not inheriting attributes of <a> and keeping it's original formatting.

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Inline elements such as <a> are often contained within block-level elements such as <p>. The block elements provide the structure needed to present your data.

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I always put the <p> tags inside unless the amount of text is large.

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