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This is a small project in R that I am attempting to execute. I've scraped a few hundred html pages. I am able to use the reaHTMLTable function in the XML library with R to read the tables that I'm interested in. However I'm having trouble writing the for loop to loop through the directory, grab the table from each file and append them to a single CSV file.

I HAVE been successful in looping through the files and saving each table to a single txt file (which I feel is at least a start):

library(XML)     # htmlTreeParse
  parentpath <- "Z:/scraping"
  filenames <- list.files()
      for (targetfile in filenames){
      data = readHTMLTable(targetfile)
      outputfile <- paste(targetfile,'.txt', sep="")
write.table (data[6], file = outputfile , sep = "\t", quote=TRUE)
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have you tried append = TRUE with a single file name? –  Chase May 23 '11 at 20:00

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Shouldn't the append=TRUE option in write.table do the trick for you? You can read about it by looking up ?write.table.

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Yep...you're right. append=TRUE does the trick. I believe I had tried that earlier too however I had been forgetting my trailing close bracket } at the end of my code and nothing was getting returned. Thanks! –  Hesh May 23 '11 at 20:25

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