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For example:

  • I have a FaceBook Page about my website.

  • On my website, I display my 3 most recent FaceBook page messages ([pageId]/[more parameters])

  • Next to each FaceBook Page message (as they appear on my website) I would like to add a FaceBook Like button. When the like button is clicked, a "Like" should be given to the FaceBook Page Message. How can this be done?
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Are you against using an fb:like-box‌​? It might be the best option here. – Jimmy Sawczuk May 23 '11 at 21:16
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Simply use the permalink of the post as your url in an fb:like button. The tricky part will be figuring out what the permalink is, since it takes different forms if it's a link, status, or video. For a link or status update, it's this format:<PAGE_USERNAME>/posts/<POST_ID> 

Or, if you don't have a username:<POST_ID>&id=<PAGE_ID>

You can determine the post ID and page ID by accessing<PAGE_ID>/posts and splitting the id string on the _.

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You should be able to POST to the /likes URL of any object that supports likes. No arguments should be specified. You can remove a like by executing a DELETE request to the same URL.

Like the given object (if it has a /likes connection)

So the URL you should POST to, is[pageId]/likes

Read more under Publishing on this page:

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