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I have an SQL Server stored procedure which reads from a csv using SSIS and populates data in different tables in SQL Server 2008.

The issue that I have is that in the csv, I have a column called name, which I pass into the variable @name but this name has first and last name separated by a space.

Sample value:

@name = 'sullivian white'

However, this single variable value has to be saved into the database under two columns, named firstname and last name.

How can I extract the data? Is there a way to use substring to split this variable?

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Probably worth looking at JosephStyons' excellent answer which covers a ton of cases. EfficionDave Turned it into a function here – Conrad Frix May 23 '11 at 21:23
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You can use substring and charindex

declare @name varchar(50)
set @name = 'sullivian white'

  substring(@name, 1, charindex(' ', @name)-1),
  substring(@name, charindex(' ', @name)+1, len(@name))
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If you're dealing with any sizable amount of data then you'll likely have to account for various possibilities, such as a name of "John Van Bergen" or "Mary Kay Williams" – Tom H May 23 '11 at 20:31

I assumed that last name will have only one entity but first name could have multiple entities.

Query against a variable value:

DECLARE @Name       NVARCHAR(60)

SET @Name       = 'Mary Kay Williams'
SET @LastSpace  = CHARINDEX(' ', REVERSE(@Name))

SELECT  @Name   AS FullName
    ,   SUBSTRING(@Name, 1, LEN(@Name) - @LastSpace)                AS FirstName
    ,   SUBSTRING(@Name, LEN(@Name) - @LastSpace + 1, @LastSpace)   AS LastName

Query against a set:

        SUBSTRING(      Name
                    ,   1
                    ,   LEN(Name) - CHARINDEX(' ', REVERSE(Name))
                ) AS FirstName,
        SUBSTRING(      Name
                    ,   LEN(Name) - CHARINDEX(' ', REVERSE(Name)) + 1
                    ,   CHARINDEX(' ', REVERSE(Name))
                ) AS LastName
    SELECT 'Sullivan White'     Name UNION
    SELECT 'John Van Bergen'    Name UNION
    SELECT 'Mark Kay Williams'  Name
) Names
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