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Please help me to solve the following goal: I have interface IRepository that defines the property Context, as a sample:

interface IRepository
   IContext Context { get; set; }

interface IOne : IRepository

interface ITwo : IRepository

the property Context in implementation have DependencyAttribyte and all implementation registered as in following sample:

container.RegisterType<IOne, One>();
container.RegisterType<ITwo, Two>();
container.RegisterType<IContext, Context>();

I want to resolve implementation "Two" from implementation "One" with inheritance of value of property "Context";

as a sample:

public class One : IOne
   public IContext Context { get; set; }

   public IUnityContainer Container { get; set; }

   public void Test1()
       Context = new Context();
       var two = Container.Resolve<ITwo>();

       // I want that these values would been equal
       Assert.AreEqual(Context, two.Context);

If you will able to show another way how to resolve implementations with value inheritance then it would be great.

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You can use the PerResolveLifetimeManager. It acts just as a transient lifestyle, but the instance will be reused thoughout the object graph. For this to work however, you will have to replace the call to container.Resolve from your Test1 method. Always prefer constructor injection over property injection and prevent calling into the container from within your classes. This way of coding is called the service locator anti-pattern.

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You can register IContext using the ContainerControlledLifetimeManager. Thus every call to Resolve<IContext> will return the same instance.

Another way is to register an instance of IContext.

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ContainerControlledLifetimeManager creates a singleton. I'm not sure that's what the OP wants. Seems to me that he want the 'per resolve' or 'lifetime scoped' lifestyle. –  Steven May 25 '11 at 10:13

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