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I find it somewhat strange that there is no preamble element in HTML. This means that if an article with a preamble is rendered without or with the default CSS there is no way for the reader to tell the preamble and the body text apart. Does anyone know of a best practice in this case? Of course I can add a preamble class, like in

<p class="preamble">New technologies will enable a breakthrough in...</p>

but that will not solve the fundamental problem.

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HTML is not intended to mirror print-based or other "publishing" conventions. In the solutions listed below, they're still not a direct correlation. Even in a semantic sense, a "preamble" is a fairly narrow concept in the scope of hypertext. –  GalacticCowboy May 23 '11 at 22:02

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If i understand your question correctly, you're looking for the <details>, <summary> and <article> tags in HTML5, perhaps:

<details open="true">
A Bunch of Latin used by Printers...
Lorem Ipsum Si Dolor Amet...

Forgive me if i misunderstand your question.

EDIT: Thanks to Alochi for noting that "open" must be set to "true" for the article to display by default.

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That will, in a fully HTML5 compliant browser, by default, hide the article entirely. I doubt the OP wants that, and I suspect that details/summary are not the right elements here. However, I recommend that if they are to be used, that the open attribute is added to the details element so that the page starts with the article displayed. See dev.w3.org/html5/spec/… for more info. –  Alohci May 23 '11 at 21:44
@Alohci, thanks, updated. :) –  Thomas Shields May 23 '11 at 21:49

There's a new element in HTML5 called <header> which is supposed to do that. Not sure how prevalent it is, though.

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As of HTML5 you can use the <section> element:

<section class="preamble">
  preamble text...
<section class="text">
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