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I have two C# solutions (let's say A and B). Both reference a common C# library, which is included in both solutions as a project reference. This project itself references (as a project, not DLL) another library (managed C++) which is ALSO referenced by the two top-level solutions.

Whenever one project builds successfully, the other says that the C++ library has changed and needs to be reloaded. When I do so, the C# library reference complains that it can't resolve a namespace from the C++ library. If I delete and re-add the reference to the C++ library in the C# library, the solution builds fine, but now the OTHER solution will have the same problem, and so on.

What am I doing wrong? I believe I should be able to have this sort of reference setup without problems.

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is the c++ library a COM Library normal c++ referenced by dllimport or a c++ cli project –  rerun May 23 '11 at 21:24
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  • Right click the Solution and select Properties. Then select '...Project Build Order'. I assume we want the C++ project to build first?
  • Check the Solution Properties/Common Properties/Project Dependencies and
    make sure all the Depends On are set right.
  • Is there a possibility to move all the C++ project references to the common C# library? That way project A and B just need to reference the common project.
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