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I'm trying do develop a visualforce custom component which is an entity chooser. This custom component displays a UI which helps browsing some records. It's possible to select one record, and I'd like to get it from outside the component or its controller.

I've looked at the standard salesforce binding with assignTo bug it's not bidirectional...

Hope someone can help me.. Thanks

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Are you passing an object into the component? Objects are passed by reference, so if your component has an attribute that takes an object and does something to it, your outer page controller will be able to access the changed values.

If you were to pass in a shell object, ie. if your UI is allowing a user to select an Account.

Class SelectedAccount
  public Account theAccount {get;set;}


<apex:component controller="ComponentController">
   <apex:attribute type="SelectedAccount" name="userSelectedAccount" description="Selected Account" assignTo="{!selectedAccount}"

Component Controller:

public class ComponentController
  public selectedAccount;

  public void ComponentController(){}

  public PageReference selectAccountFromUI(Account selected)
    selectedAccount.theAccount = selected;

    return null;

Page Using the Component:

<c:MyAccountComponent userSelectedAccount="{!instanceOfSelectedAccount}"/>

This would allow you to assign the user selected account into the instance of wrapper object which is owned by the outer controller. You can then reference:


from your main Visualforce Pages controller.

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If you're inside a repeat loop, that doesn't work as well. I'm curious if there's a way to pass an entire object from the page into a component, so the component may edit it (think modal dialog) and the changes appear on the page. – tggagne Mar 13 '12 at 18:49

1 - Declare a static variable in the outside class (can be the VF page controller)
Something like :
public static apexType myRecordOutside;
2 -When you Make your choice from records in the method within the custom component controller
Do something like this :
OutsideClass.myRecordOutside = chosenRecord; //notice that when its static you can access it without instantiating the outside class.
3- then, declare in your Visual force
<c:myCustomComponent userSelectedAccount = {!myRecordOutside}></c:myCustomComponent>
this will get myRecordOutside not from the component's controller class, but from the outside class

If you have any question about a part of my answer let me know :)

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