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In my app I want to set the interval of slider. I have a slider which shows the value in the bubble and I want to display the value only in some whole numbers. Let's say if I have min and max value of 0-1000 and I want to increase the value by 25 and not like 1-2-3-4. Any suggestions??


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Let the slider use its natural range internally, and simply convert the value for output by multiplying it by the increment. For a 0-1000 slider, you'd set the maximumValue property to 40 (that's 1000 / 25) and then multiply that value by 25 to get the output value.

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Thanks a lot!!! That seems like a good idea. – Ashutosh May 23 '11 at 21:59


//fix slider value =0;

//some method to run slider value  0-1000 

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You can create a subclass of UISlider, probably called StepSlider which has a single property stepSize. Relevant UISlider properties would be overriden to bridge the values between the consumer of the class and the superclass. Example source,

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