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I am using QtJambi port of Qt to Java and when launching my application it requires the corresponding dll files.

Loading library: 'qtjambi.dll'...
 - using 'java.library.path'

    at com.trolltech.qt.internal.NativeLibraryManager.loadNativeLibrary(Unknown
    at com.trolltech.qt.internal.NativeLibraryManager.loadLibrary(Unknown Source)
    at com.trolltech.qt.Utilities.loadJambiLibrary(Unknown Source)
    at com.trolltech.qt.QtJambi_LibraryInitializer.<clinit>(Unknown Source)
    ... 7 more
Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Library 'qtjambi.dll' wasn't found in PATH

Now, what would be the best way to configure my project (in IntelliJ IDEA) so that it would automatically use the provided dll files?

I don't want to modify the PATH or something like that, because I want this to be project-only solution, unrelated to the OS settings.

Thank you

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Set the Java system property java.library.path -- i.e.,


Set this in the run configuration you use to launch your software.

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