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I am trying to run a script that has lots of comments to explain each table, statistical test and graph. I am using RStudio IDE as follows

source(filename, echo=T)

That ensures that the script outputs everything to the console. If I run the following sequence it will send all the output to a txt file and then switch off the output diversion

source(filename, echo=T)

Alas, I am finding that a lot of my comments are not being outputted. Instead I get

"...but only if we had had an exclusively b .... [TRUNCATED]".

Once before I learned where to preserve the output but that was a few months ago and now I cannot remember. Can you?

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Set the max.deparse.length= argument to source. You probably need something greater than the default of 150. For example:

source(filename, echo=TRUE, max.deparse.length=1e3)

And note the last paragraph in the Details section of ?source reads:

If ‘echo’ is true and a deparsed expression exceeds ‘max.deparse.length’, that many characters are output followed by ‘ .... [TRUNCATED] ’.

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