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My sample application tells me:

No 'qtjambi-deployment.xml' found in classpath, loading
libraries via 'java.library.path'

I wish for my application to use the qtjambi-deployment.xml, but unfortunately can't find the appropriate setting in IntelliJ IDEA 10.5.

Could someone help me?

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You can right click on any directory in your IntelliJ project, select "Mark Directory As...", and choose "Source Root". That director folder will change color from yellow to blue; IntelliJ considers all those directories to be in your CLASSPATH.

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  • From the top menu click 'Run' => 'Edit Configurations'
  • Choose the right 'Application' in the left column (if it's not yet selected)
  • Click on 'Configuration' tab in the right hand side column (if it's not yet selected)
  • Click the '...' button to the right of 'Environment variables:'
  • Click the '+' button.
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and....? There's a step or two missing. eg what's the variable name? –  indivisible Sep 1 at 14:49
The environment variable being asked is CLASSPATH –  sn00k4h Sep 3 at 0:17

If its anything like Eclipse Intellig is calling Class.getResourcePath() to find the file. Wherever Intellij places your classes, I'd put that file in the root of that directory. $.02++

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