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VB has a function InputBox() that will prompt the user to enter a single value, then click OK.

Is there a parallel functionality in ASP.NET, that will get the browser to pop up some kind of input box to return a single value?

If not, how do you recommend I achieve this effect?

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You can do this in JavaScript

var result = prompt("Question", "Default text");
document.getElementById("HiddenInputBox").value = result;

But most web apps seem to use of screen forms and simulated modal dialogs (fade and disable rest of screen)

jQuery is your friend for this, try simplemodal

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For more functionality, check out the asp.net ajax control toolkit, and specifically the modal popup box control.


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Yes - use the prompt() javascript function.

var x = prompt("enter a value");
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You might want to provide an example of how he would access that value from the code-behind. –  TheTXI Mar 4 '09 at 13:15

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