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anyone can show me link or share with many of us who faced problems in using and understanding the latest 5.0.25 (RTW) release which I don't find any useful documentation/tutorial for beginners.

I need to know how to create 1 simple ASP.NET website that has a FB login button on top of an existing login based on the below (flowchart and link)

My site uses Facebook and my own Registration

I'm not sure what to use and which dll to add after I downloaded the 5.0.25 (RTW) assemblies file.

I'm using VS 2008 with .NET 3.5, need to create a ASP.NET Website Project.

I've already got an App ID and I'm ready to develop. Please help!

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I will try to find some time (hopefully I still have VS 2008 installed). WebForms, right? – DevTheo May 24 '11 at 14:47

Prabir has posted some information here at Migration guide facebook-c#-sdk 4.1 to 5.10 .

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