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How can I with jquery check to see if a key/value exist in the resulting json after a getJSON?

function myPush(){
        d.chat_msg = d.chat_msg.replace(/\\\"/g, "\"");
        $('#display').prepend(d.chat_msg+'<br />');
        if(d.failed != 'true'){ myPush(); }

Basically I need a way to see if d.failed exist and if it = 'true' then do not continue looping pushes.

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You don't need jQuery for this, just JavaScript. You can do it a few ways:

  • typeof d.failed- returns the type ('undefined', 'Number', etc)
  • d.hasOwnProperty('failed')- just in case it's inherited
  • 'failed' in d- check if it was ever set (even to undefined)

You can also do a check on d.failed: if (d.failed), but this will return false if d.failed is undefined, null, false, or zero. To keep it simple, why not do if (d.failed === 'true')? Why check if it exists? If it's true, just return or set some kind of boolean.



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You can use a javascript idiom for if-statements like this:

if (d.failed) {
    // code in here will execute if not undefined or null

Simple as that. In your case it should be:

if (d.failed && d.failed != 'true') {

Ironically this reads out as "if d.failed exists and is set to 'true'" as the OP wrote in the question.

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Found this yesterday. CSS like selectors for JSON


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