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http://www.gamingunion.net/ http://www.gamingunion.net/forums/

When you click on the game background it'll open a Amazon.com link. For some reason on the forums it's failing and giving the error $(event.target).closest is not a function.


The second function is the one in question. The jQuery version is the same on both pages, so I can't figure out what the issue could possibly be.

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Looks like the target is an HTML DOM object, not a jquery object. I would test to see if the event.target is an instanceof jQuery like so:

var target = (event.target instanceof jQuery) ? event.target : jQuery(event.target);

This will ensure that the target object is a jQuery object before calling .closest()

Edit: changed $ to jQuery in case of using noConflict

Edit #2: I changed your entire second method to this:

var _body = jQuery("body");

_body.click(function() {
    // affilate takeover functions
    if( _body.attr('id').length 
        && _body.closest('header').length == 0 
        && _body.closest('#wrapper > nav').length == 0 
        && _body.closest('#leaderboard > div').length == 0 
        && _body.closest('#wrapper2').length == 0 
        && _body.closest('body > footer').length == 0 
        && _body.attr('name') != 'userfile' 
        && _body.closest('.ui-datepicker-calendar').length == 0 
        && _body.closest('.ui-datepicker-prev').length == 0 
        && _body.closest('.ui-datepicker-next').length == 0 
        && _body.closest('.editor_control_bar').length == 0 
        && _body.closest('.ui-autocomplete').length == 0 
        && _body.closest('#fancybox-overlay').length == 0 
        && _body.closest('#fancybox-wrap').length == 0 
        && _body.attr('href') != '#shoutbox' 
        && !_body.hasClass('ui-button-text') 
        && _body.closest('.ui-dialog').length == 0) {
        // variables
        var affiliate_url = jQuery("input[name=affiliate_url]").val();

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Any idea why it would fail on the forums but not the main website? –  Shawn Collier May 24 '11 at 4:13
Hmm, I tried applying it but it still had the same error. –  Shawn Collier May 24 '11 at 4:17
Ugh, I think I found the issue, apparently one of the other .js files is interfering w/ it. –  Shawn Collier May 24 '11 at 4:34
@Shawn, cool no worries. Sorry for taking so long. I was having a hard time debugging it because I couldn't find the same js file on the actual website to set breakpoints, so I was actually just using the console in Chrome to clear the existing click event and substitute the one I wrote above. Anyways, good luck with the site, looks nice so far. –  Matt May 24 '11 at 4:38
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I think the amazon affiliate script is loading jQuery version 1.2.6 after your scripts are loaded, and after you call jQuery.noConflict(). If you look at $ and jQuery in the watch panel in IE9, you'll see they are not the same. The script loaded is


which is version 1.2.6 of jQuery. Note that .closest was introduced in version 1.3

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