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We are using jsTree for tree representation of the Files and folders. Files and folders can be moved in and out from other folders.

For this I have enabled the drag and drop plugin. The folders and files can be dragged and dropped but the events which are called on drag and drop are not getting called.

I need these events to fire on drag and drop as I need to update the status of the drag and drop in the backend using Ajax.

Please help

Below is the code.

<script type="text/javascript" class="source">

$(function() {

        $("#folderTree").jstree( {
        "dnd" : {
            "drop_finish" : function () { 
            "drag_check" : function (data) {
                if(data.r.attr("id") == "phtml_1") {
                    return false;
                return { 
                    after : false, 
                    before : false, 
                    inside : true 

                alert("hhh jjj kk ");
            "drag_finish" : function () { 
                alert("DRAG OK"); 

        "plugins" : [ "core", "html_data", "themes", "ui","dnd"],

        "ui" : {
            "initially_select" : [ "phtml_1" ]

        "core" : { "initially_open" : [ "phtml_1" ] },

        "themes" : {
                "theme" : "apple"

        "types" : {
            "valid_children" : [ "root" ],
            "types" : {
                "root" : {
                    "icon" : { 
                        "image" : "../images/drive.png" 
                    "valid_children" : [ "folder" ],
                    "draggable" : false
                "default" : {
                    "deletable" : false,
                    "renameable" : false

                "folder" : {
                    "valid_children" : [ "file" ],
                    "max_children" : 3
                "file" : {
                    // the following three rules basically do the same
                    "valid_children" : "none",
                    "max_children" : 0,
                    "max_depth" : 0,
                    "icon" : {
                        "image" : "../images/file.png"



Am I missing anything or is there anything else I need to do in order for the drag and drop events to get called?

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If you want to drag nodes inside of the tree you should use CRRM plugin, not DND. DND is used to drag nodes outside the tree or between the trees.

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Thanks for the reply. Using CRRM plugin can I drag and drop nodes inside of the tree? I dont want to have any buttons to do these moving of files and folders. –  anything May 24 '11 at 5:56
I this case you need to use them together. Take a look on that demo and code jstree.com/documentation/dnd#demo2. –  bjornd May 24 '11 at 6:01

Check with this URL Issue with JSTree drag drop Use class="jstree-drop" along with IDs for all the nodes. It will work. For example:- If you use json data

"plugins" : [ "core", "json_data", "themes", "ui","dnd"],
    {id : "id1",rel : "folder",class:"jstree-drop"},
    data:"New folder2",

if we use html data then add class="jstree-drop" to all nodes. Then "drop_finish" event will works fine, but not drag_check,drag_finish. I tried by adding jstree-drag in css class.

Updated (after one hour on 19th-July-2011):- add jstree-draggable css class to all elements drag events also works fine more information http://www.jstree.com/documentation/dnd

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Options dnd.drag_check, dnd.drag_finish, dnd.drop_finish is uses for foreign objects. For manage moving inside one tree (or between trees) use crrm.move.check_move.

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