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I get a *.js file code similar like:


   a("#div_element").removeClass("show message");



I'm trying to understand:

  1. What is (function(a){...})(jQuery); ?

  2. How to use it?

  3. What is a here? Because I seen normal code looks like:

    $("#div_element").removeClass("show message");

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2 Answers

function( a ){ /* … */ } is an anonymous function that is directly called with jQuery as parameter. So a inside the anonymous function is the same as jQuery

From jQuery website

Example: Reverts the $ alias and then creates and executes a function to provide the $ as a jQuery alias inside the functions scope. Inside the function the original $ object is not available. This works well for most plugins that don't rely on any other library.

(function($) { 
  $(function() {
    // more code using $ as alias to jQuery
// other code using $ as an alias to the other library

read this post also:

What does (function( $ ){...})( jQuery ); do/mean?

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Maybe it's easier to understand the mechanism by thinking of it this way:

(function( blah ) {
}) ( alert );

Note how blah becomes a proxy for alert. This is just a fancy way of not polluting the global namespace (a lot of libraries use the $ as a global variable).

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