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In my ui there is a listgrid for which i set size 500

dataGrid=new ListGrid();

I want to use resizable bar for listgrid

but default width for resizable bar is >300 which makes my ui not good looking.

Is there any way to set resizable bar width exact to 500 or any size?


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I don't know how your UI looks so it is hard to judge, but I would prefer using setCanDragResize(Boolean canDragResize) and defining the resizing directions with setResizeFrom(String... resizeFrom).

See the showcase example. Hope this helps!

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You can set the default width for any resizable column in a ListGrid using ListGridField.setWidth() as follows:

// first create the grid and set columns to be resizable
dataGrid=new ListGrid();

// set each column to the initial width you want for that column

ListGridField myColumn= new ListGridField("myColumn", "My Column");
myColumn.setWidth(400);  // default to 400 pixels wide

ListGridField myAnotherColumn= new ListGridField("myAnotherColumn", "Another Column");
myAnotherColumn.setWidth(300);  // default to 300 pixels wide

dataGrid.setFields(myColumn, myAnotherColumn);
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