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I cannot update the links in my access to a new ODBC driver. I believe it to be that OpenEDge 10.1C is not doing a handshake with Access. The dns will import external data into excel. The error is "error(-7748) the is no message for this error"

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This link:

should be helpful.

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Most "weird" errors involving SQL and Progress are a result of the fact that Progress stores all data as variable length. Furthermore most of the data in most Progress databases is created, updated and manipulated by 4GL programs and those programs have no awareness of nor any sensitivity to SQL's ideas regarding column width.

Your first line of defense when you get a strange error trying to query a Progress database with SQL should be to run dbtool (on the db server) to fix any possible SQL width issues. Simply run dbtool (found in the Progress "bin" directory, $DLC/bin/dbtool if the OS is UNIX, use "proenv" to get a command prompt and then %DLC%\bin\dbtool if you are running Windows) and select option 2. You may want to script this and run it automatically if you frequently have issues.

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I don't quite understand the relevance of variable-length storage here, given that Access's default database engine, Jet/ACE, has always used variable-length storage. That's a db engine detail that your interface layer should completely abstract away from you and shouldn't have any relevance at all with an ODBC driver. – David-W-Fenton Feb 25 '10 at 19:29
Even if Access uses variable width fields if it is assuming that it can trust the width information that it gets from the Progress schema then it is going to be disappointed. I'm just saying that an awful lot of weird issues that people have using ODBC with Progress databases are fixed by running dbtool and fixing the SQL width. It's worth a try. – Tom Bascom Feb 28 '10 at 13:19

Progress ODBC error -7748 is usually solved by addin the 'WorkAround2=8192' registry entry. Have a look at this discussion which includes an explanation of what WorkArounds2 does and what it fixes.

Kind regards


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