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how will i create an array for such a structure

Sorry but I know how to send a soap request [].. I just want to confirm the array structure that I need to result in such a request with custom attributes

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


          <m:AuthenticationInfo xmlns:m="">







          <m:HotelBookingRequest xmlns:m="" Version="2" LanguageCode="EN" CurrencyCode="AUD" AffiliateUniqueID="Rodel9">

                 <m:StayDateRange CheckIn="2011-03-28" CheckOut="2011-03-29" ArrivalTime="12"/>

                 <m:Hotel ID="54"></m:Hotel>


                       <m:ItemRequest Type="Room" QuantityRequired="1"





                                     <m:Guest IsChild="false">







                 <m:GuestRequest SmokingPreference="NoPreference" BabyCot="false" LateCheckIn="false"></m:GuestRequest>

                 <m:MainGuest IsMainGuest="true" IsChild="false">




                              <m:Country ID="3"/>





                 <m:PaymentDetail ItineraryTotalAmount="520">

                       <m:CreditCardDetail SerialCode="XXX" CardType="VSA" CardNumber=" XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" ExpiryDate="0811">

                              <m:CardHolderName>Rodel Surat</m:CardHolderName>


                                     <m:AddressLine>680 George St</m:AddressLine>

                    <m:City Name="Sydney" />


                    <m:Country ID="3" />







and then send it as a soap request . i am absolutely new to SOAP in PHP

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Check out the documentation at

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Here is a simple wcf service test i've put together

/* Default location of WSDL Service (if used) */
define("DEFAULT_WSDL", "");

/* Misc WSDL settings */
define("WSDL_SOAP_VERSION", SOAP_1_1);
define("WSDL_EXCEPTIONS", true);
define("WSDL_TRACE", 1);

/** Methods below **/
function testWcf() {

    try {
        $wsdloptions = array(
            'soap_version' => constant('WSDL_SOAP_VERSION'),
            'exceptions' => constant('WSDL_EXCEPTIONS'),
            'trace' => constant('WSDL_TRACE')

        $client = new SoapClient(constant('DEFAULT_WSDL'), $wsdloptions);

    } catch (Exception $exc) {
        echo $exc->getTraceAsString();

function pr($array) {
    echo "<xmp>";
    echo "</xmp>";

Hope it will help you on your way forward.

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Sorry but I know how to send a soap request.. I just want to confirm the array structure that I need to result in such a request with attributes –  Newbie Guy May 24 '11 at 7:34
So what you actually want to do is to create a xml like the one you posted? –  Eric Herlitz May 24 '11 at 8:26

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