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I'm using the Entity Framework 4.1 with Code First approach. I'm able to get the storage model types and column names of my entities:

var items = context.ObjectContext.MetadataWorkspace.GetItems<EntityType>(DataSpace.SSpace);

foreach (var i in items)
    Console.WriteLine("Table Name: {0}", i.Name);

    foreach (var key in i.KeyMembers)
        Console.WriteLine("\t{0} ({1})", key.Name, key.TypeUsage.EdmType.FullName);

    foreach (var member in i.Members)
        Console.WriteLine("\t{0} ({1})", member.Name, member.TypeUsage.EdmType.FullName);

What I need is to get the real table name the entity is mapped to. There are different ways to specify that (by using Fluent-API .ToTable(), DataAnnotation [TableAttribute]).

Is there any common way to achieve this information?

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The Easiest way I have found to get table names is the following:

var tables = Context.MetadataWorkspace.GetItems(System.Data.Metadata.Edm.DataSpace.CSpace)
                .Where(x => (x.MetadataProperties.Contains("NamespaceName") ? String.Compare(x.MetadataProperties["NamespaceName"].Value.ToString(), "Model", true) == 0 : false)
                && !x.MetadataProperties.Contains("IsForeignKey")
                && x.MetadataProperties.Contains("KeyMembers"));

That will get you the table entities.

Then you can do the following to extract the name:

            foreach (var item in tables)
                EntityType itemType = (EntityType)item;
                String TableName = itemType.Name;

Note if your pluralizing the context you will need to undo that.

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There is an other way you can get the EDM Table Name

  public static string GetTableName<T>(this ObjectContext context) where T : EntityObject
        var entities= context.MetadataWorkspace.GetItems(System.Data.Metadata.Edm.DataSpace.CSpace).Where(b => b.BuiltInTypeKind == BuiltInTypeKind.EntityType);

        foreach (System.Data.Metadata.Edm.EntityType item in entities)
                return item.Name;

        return String.Empty;
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This doesn't work since it doesn't return the schema name of the table –  NinjaCross Sep 14 '13 at 17:29

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