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I have the following script where a variable gets its value from an input field, however when I run my function its not working, returns nothing. Im new to JS so im unsure if it needs to be part of a function *even though Ive tried this with no luck) or what...


// Variables

// Content/SLA
var ContentMinutes = '';
var ContentMinutesSelector; // Switch Case
var ServiceLevel = 5;
var NoOfFrames = 2;

// Render Time (Hairier the Better)
var AvgFrameRenderTime = '';
var AvgFrameRenderTimeSelector = 10; // Switch Case
var CoresInTest = document.getElementById('CoresInTest').value;

// Other
var EstimatedCoreHours = NoOfFrames * CoresInTest * AvgFrameRenderTimeSelector;

// Cost Estimate
var CostEstimate = ServiceLevel * EstimatedCoreHours;


//  Functions

function CalculateEstimate() {  
// Estimate Cost

// Estimate Core Hours
parseInt(document.getElementById("EstimatedCoreHours").innerHTML=EstimatedCoreHours.toFixed(    2));

my PriceEstimate and EstimatedCoreHours fields are both just empty divs, <div id="EstimatedCoreHours"></div>, My calculations work if i define a value for the variable as opposed to document.getElementById so I believe I must need to run a function or something to update all the vartiables?

But if I set...

var CoresInTest = document.getElementById('CoresInTest').value;


var CoresInTest = 10;

Then it works fine...

Its not actually my return, the problem is my variables arent calling, IF i define them with a number then it works.

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If PriceEstimate or EstimatedCoreHours are input fields (<input type="text"/>), you should use .value and not .innerHTML. – Thor Jacobsen May 24 '11 at 7:43
Something I noted, you're calling parseInt, but you're not taking the value it returns. And your method doesn't actually have any return statements, so it's not going to return anything. – JohnP May 24 '11 at 7:46
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I guess you need to do something like this, if you are looking to get calculated data in your div.

// Estimate Core Hours

If var CoresInTest = 10; works fine, then your code is placed wrong.

What element is CoresInTest? is it a text field? and if so is this script placed or called before the element renders? then you will have to reinitialize that variable.

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Not sure what that changes. Not sure why the author has 'parseInt' and 'toFixed' together. The requirement is either integer or 2 decimal places, I'm guessing it's 2 decimal places. – Lee Kowalkowski May 24 '11 at 8:13

If PriceEstimate and EstimatedCoreHours are elements you should use the value property this might work for you:

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Question says they're DIV elements. Not form fields. – Lee Kowalkowski May 24 '11 at 8:14

If var CoresInTest = 10; makes it work fine, then it must be something to do with document.getElementById('CoresInTest').value - so why isn't that working? Is it a drop down list? Instead of us guessing, tell us.

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