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I have been struggling with this issue for a day now. I have a c++ application on a Mac, and i want it to add itself to the global login items, if it is not added already. For that, i use the following code:

LSSharedFileListRef loginItems = LSSharedFileListCreate(NULL, kLSSharedFileListGlobalLoginItems, NULL);
    CFURLRef thePath;
    bool itemExist = false;
    CFArrayRef loginItemsArray = LSSharedFileListCopySnapshot(loginItems, NULL);
    CFIndex loginItemsArrayIndex = CFArrayGetCount (loginItemsArray);
    for (int i = 0 ;i < loginItemsArrayIndex ; i++) 
        LSSharedFileListItemRef itemRef = (LSSharedFileListItemRef) CFArrayGetValueAtIndex(loginItemsArray,i);
        if (LSSharedFileListItemResolve(itemRef, 0, (CFURLRef*) &thePath, NULL) == noErr) {

            if (CFStringFind(CFURLCopyPath(thePath),CFSTR("LWMacClient.app"),0).length > 0){
                itemExist = true;

        AuthorizationItem right[1] = {{"system.global-login-items.", 0, NULL, 0}};
        AuthorizationRights setOfRights = {1, right};
        AuthorizationRef auth = NULL; 
        AuthorizationCreate(NULL, kAuthorizationEmptyEnvironment, kAuthorizationFlagDefaults, &auth);
        AuthorizationCopyRights(auth, &setOfRights, kAuthorizationEmptyEnvironment, (kAuthorizationFlagDefaults | kAuthorizationFlagInteractionAllowed | kAuthorizationFlagExtendRights), NULL);

        if (loginItems) {
            CFURLRef url = CFURLCreateWithString(NULL, CFSTR("/Applications/LWMacClient.app") , NULL);
            CFMutableDictionaryRef inPropertiesToSet = CFDictionaryCreateMutable(NULL, 1, NULL, NULL);
            LSSharedFileListItemRef item = LSSharedFileListInsertItemURL (loginItems, kLSSharedFileListItemLast, CFSTR("LWMacClient"), NULL, url, inPropertiesToSet, NULL);
            std::cout << item << std::endl;
            if (item)

The first part of the code, checks if my program has already been added, and this works fine. The next part tries to add my program, if the check returned false. I get no errors or anything, but the item is just not added. When i print "item", the value is 0. What could be wrong??

Thanks in advance

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I ended up doing this oneliner:

system("defaults write /Library/Preferences/loginwindow AutoLaunchedApplicationDictionary -array-add '{ \"Path\" = \"" + appPath() + "\"; \"Hide\" = \"1\"; }'");

The hide option didn't work for me, but since i don't really need it, i didn't investigate it further.

I still don't know why the LSSharedFileList API is this bugged, most likely, i'm using it wrong. If anyone knows what i might have done wrong initially, i would still like to know.

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This will no longer work starting with Mountain Lion. –  noa Mar 12 '13 at 18:56

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