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a) When I use AJAX request in Javascript file like:

... url: "request.php" ...

When I am on location (rewrited URL):


and javascript is located and linked in meta tags by:

... src="http://domain/js/ajaxrequest.js" ...

Then request goes to http://domain/some/action/id/request.php or http://domain/js/request.php ?

b) If i change request url to /request.php instead of request.php then it would go to http://domain/request.php always ?

c) If i have two working enviroments:

http://localhost/projectname/ and

and file structure look like this ( is copy of projectname directory):


And i can be on main page and also url-rewritted addresses like:


And i want that url to request in javascript file will work in all of those conditions, should i put address like:

url: "../request.php"

in JS file ?

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URIs in JavaScript are only ever inserted into objects associated with that document, so are relative to the document URI and not the JS src URI.

a. The former

b. Yes

c. I'd very strongly suggest that you keep the distance of any path from the root the same across all your environments. Either set up virtual name hosting locally, or use something like Charles Proxy to rewrite your domain name over your local testing environment.

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On our company's dev server we had a similar problem. We solved it by using subdomains rather then folders. So it's projectname.localhost/some/action/id/.

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