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i need to register a new device in linux but i noticed that in kernel 2.6.34 function device_register is not exported...Which could be the solution?

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I believe you should rather use register_blkdev or register_chrdev, depending on the device type.

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I don't have neither a block device or a character device:(I have to find a way to recognize a switch Marvell connected to microprocessor by a MII/MDIO bus. I found that the bus is managed as open-firmware bus, but cycling on bus' devices i can't find it. I can find only one device e0102120.mdio that should be the mdio controller . looking at /sys/devices/e0100000.qe/e0102120.mdio/ i can found two devs (i hope) mdio@e0102120:11 and mdio@e0102120:12. How can i access these devices? – MirkoBanchi May 24 '11 at 12:39
@MirkoBanchi Then your question is slightly unclear (btw, I've seen your other question where you ask about MII interface, it's also a bit unclear). What is your goal? My understanding is that you have some MPC8306 - why do you need to control MII in first place? Please provide more background. – Code Painters May 24 '11 at 13:55

In linux-


ANd for 2.6.38 is also in the same file - which make me conclude in 2.6.34 it should be in the same file as well?

But if u are talking about mdio the following are the symbols found (via nm vmlinux):

ffffffff81b66fae t fixed_mdio_bus_exit
ffffffff81af4468 t fixed_mdio_bus_init
ffffffff813977f0 t fixed_mdio_read
ffffffff81397610 t fixed_mdio_write
ffffffff81a68760 d mdio_bus_class
ffffffff813971b0 T mdio_bus_exit
ffffffff81af4425 T mdio_bus_init
ffffffff81396fd0 t mdio_bus_match
ffffffff81a687e0 d mdio_bus_pm_ops
ffffffff81396ff0 t mdio_bus_restore
ffffffff81397050 t mdio_bus_resume
ffffffff81397100 t mdio_bus_suspend
ffffffff81a686e0 D mdio_bus_type
ffffffff813975d0 T mdiobus_alloc
ffffffff81397380 T mdiobus_free
ffffffff813972a0 T mdiobus_read
ffffffff81397430 T mdiobus_register
ffffffff813971e0 t mdiobus_release
ffffffff81397330 T mdiobus_scan
ffffffff813973c0 T mdiobus_unregister
ffffffff81397210 T mdiobus_write

and for mii:

ffffffff81507a20 T dsa_slave_mii_bus_init
ffffffff81395b60 T phy_mii_ioctl

And for EXPORT_SYMBOL declaration:









Not sure if these help you?

Your similar question posted at:

is much clearer. More info on MPC8306 (hardware, linux-kernel specific etc) can be found here:

and according to this:

the patch for MDIO is elaborated and explained somewhat.

And here:

is also mentioned that the ELDK for MPC8306 need no changes for support.

Anyway hardware info can be found here:

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Thank you very much Peter!I already found and looked at that functions...Maybe i can't for now undestand completely how linux manages busses and devices...I don't really know which functions i've to use and how:( – MirkoBanchi May 25 '11 at 10:59
at this page:… u can find the LinuxBSP and device drivers source codes for MPC8306. THanks. – Peter Teoh May 25 '11 at 14:45
Yes, that question on LinuxForums was posted by me :).Thank you Peter for all links! – MirkoBanchi May 26 '11 at 7:23

O'Reillys great book about Device Drivers are freely available here O'reilly. A bit outdated but a good reference. Not what you asked for, but a good reference...

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