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i am relatively new to javascript and have to design a form vlalidator with the following fields

name must start with a capital letter and must have only the characters a-z and A-Z and 

password_field => (must contain atleast two symbols from the list [ @,#,$,%,^,& ] 

whats the best way to meet all the above conditions? should i useregexc or what?

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regex will definitively be helpful.

here is an axample of a validator, which is easy to customize: validator

it just requires some kind of translate method - or just replace the calls with your output text.

in the html you set classes for each validator-specification like capitalletter:

<input class="capitalletter" type="text" name="somename" />

and then implement the function capitalletter in the validator object...

JS call will be:

var my_validator = new validator(yourformID);
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For capital letter this holds: str[0] >= 'A' && str[0] <= 'Z'.

Only letters: a regexp like /^[a-z]$/i should match.

Length: str.length >= 10.

Symbols: regexp like str.replace(/[^@#$%^&]+/, "").length >= 2.

If you want to only use regexps for the password, you could do:

/[@#$%^&]{2,}/.test(str) && /.{10,}/.test(str)
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what about not more than 4 spaces? – zbuddy May 24 '11 at 9:55
Well, perhaps str.replace(/[^ ]/g, '').length <= 4, does that fit your needs? – pimvdb May 24 '11 at 10:05
I think I've posted both conditions, but if you really need regexp, I'll update my answer. – pimvdb May 24 '11 at 10:13

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