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i need to parse an argument to a string and it contains spaces so this is what i did:

search.exe "/SASE Lab Tools"

so now i declared this as a string:

        string type = string.Format("{0}", args[0]);


i need to do this:

p.StartInfo.Arguments = "-R -H -h " + type;

but my result contains spaces in my p.StartInfo.Arguments.

when what i need for my output for p.StartInfo.Arguments is:

-R -H -h "/SASE Lab Tools"

how do i add " " into my code?

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You need to include them in your format string, e.g.

string type = string.Format("\"{0}\"", args[0]);

Or just use concatenation:

string type = "\"" + args[0] + "\"";

Currently your format string is effectively just doing:

string type = args[0];
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thanks, it worked fine now – jeremychan May 25 '11 at 2:07

Not sure if this should help you:

p.StartInfo.Arguments = "-R -H -h \"" + type + "\"";
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You can add most characters with a backslash if they have other meanings. such as \t for tab, and \" will give quotes etc.

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