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this is sample error in cygwin

C:/mupdf-0.8.165/android/jni/../../mupdf/pdf_nametree.c:111: undefined reference to `fz_array_get'

C:/mupdf-0.8.165/android/jni/../../mupdf/pdf_nametree.c:112: undefined reference to `fz_is_string'

C:/mupdf-0.8.165/android/jni/../../mupdf/pdf_nametree.c:115: undefined reference to `fz_dict_put'

C:/mupdf-0.8.165/android/jni/../../mupdf/pdf_nametree.c:116: undefined reference to `fz_drop_obj'

In pdf_nametree include fitz.h actually I check the function fz_array_get in fitz.h already

I have no idea now Can anybody point me to the right direction or give me a another way

thx sasara

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Looks like your %path% variable (DOS) was not correctly translated to the $PATH (Cygwin) variable....

You need to install both the Android SDK as well as the Android NDK. Then you need to add both <sdk-install-dir>\tools and <ndk-install-dir> to your %path% variable.

Also, you need Cygwin v1.7 or greater on Windows.

Then, look here: http://groups.google.com/group/android-ndk/msg/b385e47e1484c2d4 for 2 fixes which deal with bugs that occur for automatic conversion from DOS format path variables to Cygwin format path variables.

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