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Update: I just tried the exact same process with a different solution and database and it worked correctly. Therefore I can only assume there's something funny with the first solution. I'll compare the .sln files but I've got no idea what i'm looking for!

I had our admins install Database Edition GDR R2 on my machine while I was on holiday (public sector, no download privileges!) so that I could source control my databases.

I open my existing solution (which is under TFS source control) and go to Add New Project. I select SQL Server 2005 Wizard, give it a sensible name and OK it. Then I wait while it appears to be doing something, and after several seconds Visual Studio simply exits with no error message or anything. If I look in the file system, it has actually created a database project. If I open the solution again and go to Add Existing Project, then select the .dbproj file on disk, the same thing happens.

Interestingly, if I repeat the whole process and instead choose SQL Server 2005 Database Project (instead of Wizard) the same thing happens, but this time on reloading Visual Studio I can actually add the existing project to the solution. I can then right click and choose to import the schema, but it isn't as thorough as the proper wizard. I end up with all database objects in the root of the project whereas using the proper wizard you can put them in a Schema Objects folder and organise them by type.

Finally, if I create a brand new database project from scratch (not adding to an existing solution), the SQL Server 2005 Wizard works!

Clearly there is something wrong with my solution, but I'm completely stuck. Does anyone have any ideas? I found this previous question, but the user actually received an error message which I don't.

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I have worked around this by creating a completely new solution and a new SQL Server 2005 Wizard project which imported the database correctly without crashing. I copied just the project folder to my existing solution's location on disk and then did Add Existing Project from within VS and selected the .dbproj file.

Hey presto - no VS crash.

Very strange with a straightforward workaround, but it seems it was restricted to this one solution so no point wasting any more time on it.

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