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I'm looking for a tool which will help me write code documentation in a structured way, but without any automatic generation based on source. Preferably HTML.

I'm working on an old behemoth VB6 project with barely any comments and was just hoping to be able to jolt down some notes about various subs and functions as I'm studying their behaviour, but in a way that's structured and easily accessible for others.

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Have you thought about using a wiki? If you don't have a server on which to run a normal wiki engine, there's the SWiki project, which is a stand alone wiki consisting only an executable and the database. Once you have something usable, it can export to HTML, too.

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SWiki is pretty much exactly what I needed. Only thing I wish it had is search, but I guess that's not really a requirement. Thanks! – Rune Aamodt May 24 '11 at 10:57

Documentation authoring tools (commercial, all with free trials available):

  1. Help & Manual
  2. Robohelp
  3. Help Scribble


  1. HelpNDoc
  2. Help2Doc

I have only used Help & Manual, which I have found extremely capable, and useful (I am not associated with the tool or company in any way). I believe all of them are capable of providing the type of facility you describe.

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These are for user documentation. I think the OP is looking for tools to help with code documentation – MarkJ May 24 '11 at 11:47
@MarkJ - I agree about code documentation - however, given the OP's exclusion of automatic generation from code (which all these products can do anyway) I stand by my statement that these provide the type of facility required. – Chris Walton May 24 '11 at 14:21

Treepad can be useful though for fancy markup and HTML export the free "Lite" version isn't enough.

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