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I am using ASP.Net MVC 3. My application handles request for domain and sub-domain as well. Cookies works fine for domain level application and user login and validation works fine but for sub-domain it become fails.

I have already tried the domain setting i-e parent domain, machine key setting. Even I started a new empty application for testing, it doesn't worked.

Have tried but still not working.

<authentication mode="Forms">
    <forms enableCrossAppRedirects="true" name=".ASPXAUTH" />

FormsAuthentication.SetAuthCookie("tech", false);

HttpCookie cookie = FormsAuthentication.GetAuthCookie(User.Identity.Name, false);
FormsAuthenticationTicket ticket = FormsAuthentication.Decrypt(cookie.Value);
// Store roles inside the Forms cookie.  
FormsAuthenticationTicket newticket = new FormsAuthenticationTicket(
                                                 String.Join("|", "test"), 
cookie.Value = FormsAuthentication.Encrypt(newticket);
cookie.HttpOnly = false;
cookie.Domain = "localhost";
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The cookie treats the sub domain as a seperate domain. According to this article you can set it to "". Note the starting period.

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I have already tested it, its not working – mumtaz ali May 24 '11 at 10:42
Does this link help any?… – Kenoyer130 May 24 '11 at 10:49

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