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I am using UIImage picker, Local notification, event calendar, Date Picker , Facebook Sharing, Sounds, Navigation controller , database . My application is crash after some time, the reason is not same, Some times memory is full and some times too manny other receive memory warning. Please guide me how can i generally remove the leaks?

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Use Intstruments with the Leaks profile... see this article Leaks!

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1.first of all release the objects in the dealloc . 2.Go to the xcode there in mainmenu you find the build tab.In that pressed on the build and analyze .It gives the errors.Remove those warnings.

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If you are using autorelease objects, make sure it gets released at the right time. If you can,try not to use Interface Builder, i feel something is fishy abt it when it comes to memory.

Check the NSString objects, they can have devastating effects if not released on time.

also remember [UIImage imageNamed@"abc.png"] caches the images which also causes running low memory warnings.

Try to create your view hierarchy programmatically.

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