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It seems it isn't possible at runtime to change styling defined in CSS files, ex.: colors. This is seemingly because the CSS files are compiled into SWF.

Is it possible to externalize styling information in CSS (or any other format) without compiling it to SWF file so that it can be changed easily at runtime just as normal CSS can be changed when it is used in HTML.

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You can do this in Flex 3, Loading an external CSS file and hopes similarly can be used for Flex 4 as

  • Load CSS File using URLLoader

  • List item Parse it with StyleSheet parseCSS function

  • Assign it to Application

Also see StyleSheet

Hopes that helps

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We eventually found a way of applying styling, without having a compilation step. We are sticking to basics.

We defined a configuration XML file and using onPre method of mx:application we read this XML file and applied the styling to UI components.

This approach ensured that the styling is centralized at least at application level and most importantly it is now possible to quickly try out new styles by changing the configuration file and refreshing the page.

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I suppose this documentation answers all your questions. You have to use some CSS at compile time but you can load and apply another one at runtime without problem.

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