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I'm having a problem with POSIX Semaphores under Cygwin, I've tried the following:

$ semtool c 1
Attempting to create new semaphore set with 1 members
Bad system call

the semtool above tries to create (via semget, semctl etc sys. calls) a new semaphore. However it doesn't work: Bad system call.

Also a minimalistic test C program using semget() fails spitting out the same message: Bad system call.

I've done my googling: installed cygserver, defined an environment variable CYGWIN to "server", but nothing helped. My version of cygwin is pretty new:

$ cygcheck -c | grep cygwin
base-cygwin                     3.0-1                OK
cygwin                          1.7.9-1              OK
cygwin-doc                      1.7-1                OK
cygwin-x-doc                    1.1.1-1              OK

Any thoughts/hints what might be still missing?

tried now with the additional export:

$ export CYGWIN=server

the service is running

$ net start | grep -i cyg
   CYGWIN cygserver

no more error:

$ semtool c 1
Attempting to create new semaphore set with 1 members

seems to work now!

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Regarding semget, semctl, these aren't POSIX semaphore related system calls but of System-V. Just a note on the issue's name, it should have been System-V rather than POSIX. –  cygwinner May 24 '11 at 16:18

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Is cygserver running?

Update: this worked for me under Windows 7:

  1. Ran cygserver-config (as administrator), answered "yes" when prompted.
  2. Started "CYGWIN cygserver" service.
  3. Executed "export CYGWIN=server" in cygwin shell.

At this point I could run semtool to create/lock/unlock a semaphore as well as semstat to display its state.

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yes it is running. I've tried on two Windows machines, W2K and W7, the same result. Thank you for your answer, much appreciated! –  cygwinner May 24 '11 at 12:20
I'm using cygwin 1.5.25-15 BTW. –  Lance Richardson May 24 '11 at 12:42
Thanks for your help & support Lance! –  cygwinner May 24 '11 at 13:16

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