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I want to compare two strings, such as:

 str1 = "this is a dynamic data";
 str2 = "this is a <data_1> data";

Is there any method that will find the nearest match? I have used Ternary Search Tree (TST) Dictionary functions. Are there any other ways to do this kind of thing?

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This should make for an interesting read – Fishcake May 24 '11 at 12:05
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What about the Jaccard similarity coefficient?

It's easy to implement and gives a good similarity score. You have to tokenize your sentences though ;)

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There is no such method in BCL that finds nearest match of the string. But you can roll your own. read about "Levenshtein Distance" on the following link

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In am not sure about this thing in C#, but yes that is there in SQL,

select difference('this is a dynamic data','this is a dynamic')
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