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I have a div which pops up when you hover over an image, the div floats 20px above the mouse where ever the mouse is over the image (it's a description for the image.) When I resize the window the position gets thrown way off. My thought for this is because it's still trying to get the old window e.pageX and e.pageY. Is there a way so that on resize of the window it recalculates the e.pageX and e.pageY?

Here is the snippet of code that calculates the div that is shown on image hover.

mapPieceText.css({left: (e.pageX - (offset.left - 20)), top: (e.pageY - (offset.top + 20))});

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It appears you are storing 'offset' as a fixed value. You'll need to recalculate offset on page resize (or use a 'dom-live' jQuery method ).

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Worked great, thanks! – Dennis Martinez May 24 '11 at 12:15

I haven't tested, but shouldn't it be $(this).offset().top ?

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