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I am creating a new website using CodeIgniter/PHP/MySQL.

I have the mechanism to pass some items in my database, which has each 3 fields and a description.

Now I want to create a search mechanism for those, with the following features:

  • Search for a keyword in both 3 fields and description.
  • The user can select multiple values for the 3 fields.
  • Combine the above two, if user both selects multiple values and a keyword

I already can parse the data and create something like this:

SELECT * FROM (`My_Table`) 
        `description` COLLATE utf8_general_ci 
            REGEXP '\[\[:<:\]\]asdasdasd\[\[:>:\]\]' 
        AND `value1` LIKE '%blabla%' 
        OR `value1` LIKE 'lala'

but it's far from what I want to create!

I am not expert in SQL, so I am having a hard time to find a way to do this.

If anyone knows/wants, please please help me!! Thanks in advance!

Note: Code samples/Examples will be highly appreciated!

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Can you give examples using a proper schema? I'm not sure what 'multiple values for 3 fields' means? I'm assuming field1 = value1, field2 = value2, field3 = value3 approach? Or selecting which field/value combination to search through? –  Jakub May 24 '11 at 12:31
I mean that field1 = value1 OR value2 OR value3 and the field2 = value4 OR value5 OR value6, but both should be field1 and field2 should be compined for the results, like field1 AND field2. –  Kostas May 24 '11 at 12:45

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You can use full text search for this


This will help you alot.

Note: Table should use MyISAM Storage engine and column should be full text indexed.

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