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Yesterday evening I left the office with a running Java program written by me. It should insert a lot of records into our company database (Oracle) using a JDBC connection. This morning when I came back to work I saw this error (caught by a try-catch):

java.sql.SQLRecoverableException: I/O Exception: Connection reset

The program wrote almost all records before getting this problem, but what if it happens early (just minutes after I leave the office at evening)? I cannot understand what happened, I contacted my database admin and he said there was no particular issue on the database.

Any idea on what happened and what can I do do to avoid it?

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This simply means that soemthing in the backend ( DBMS ) decided to stop working due to unavailability of resources etc. It has nothing to do with your code or the number of inserts. You can read more about similar problems here:

This may not answer your question, but you will get an idea about why it might be happening. You could further discuss with your DBA and see if there is something specific in your case.

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I would also recommend a disk space check on your database VM to give your DBA a probable cause to proceed. df -h –  saalehr Jul 1 at 12:54

Your exception says it all "Connection reset". The connection between your java process and the db server was lost, which could have happened for almost any reason(like network issues). The SQLRecoverableException just means that its recoverable, but the root cause is connection reset.

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We experienced these errors intermittently after upgraded from 11g to 12c and our java was on 1.6.

The fix for us was to upgrade java and jdbc from 6 to 7

export JAVA_HOME='/usr/java1.7'

export CLASSPATH=/u01/app/oracle/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1/jdbc/libojdbc7.jar:$CLASSPATH 

Several days later, still intermittent connection resets.

We ended up removing all the java 7 above. Java 6 was fine. The problem was fixed by adding this to our user bash_profile.

Our groovy scripts that were experiencing the error were using /dev/random on our batch VM server. Below forced java and groovy to use /dev/urandom.


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