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How to find all files which can be executed by specific user (not current!)

For current I can do it like

find /some/start/dir -executable

But now I want to do something like: find all files which user 'josh' can execute (by 'other' permissions, 'user' permissions and 'group' permissions). Of course, I do not know users's 'josh' password so I cannot su'ing.

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Look up the user id of "josh" in /etc/passwd.

Then run: find /some/start/dir -type "f" -uid <ID> -perm 111.

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Nope, it just find files owned by this UID but not executable by this user! –  Alex G.P. May 25 '11 at 17:33
You're right. -executable can only check permissions for the current user as the access() syscall is used. I edited the answer, this solution is working. Though, keep in mind that ACL or other access models may still deny executability (-execute doesn't inherit this problem for the current user). Assuming you don't use ACL or extended security mechanisms, this method will work fine. –  Ionic May 26 '11 at 12:12

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