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If I wanted a group of if elif statements to execute to a single order; for example:

if int(one[1]) == solution:


if int(two[1]) == solution:

to execute a a single statement:

print "Hello World"

What would be the best format and syntaxically correct way to input this?

I tried:

if int(two[1]) == solution::
    elif int(one[1]) == solution:
        print "Hello World"

and other variations but couldn't put my figure on a correct way to do it. Be gentle StackOverflow, I haven't been programming too long.

And the language I'm programming in is Python. Thanks!


I think this is the correct answer, not AND Abdul Kader. Thank you both though. And in Python I think I'll be typing:

if (int(one[1]) == solution OR int(two[1])== solution)):
         print "Hello World"
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The edit has made it sytactically wrong. You cannot put an 'elif' inside an 'if' block. – simplyharsh May 24 '11 at 12:52
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If you want to print it when both conditions are true you have to use and

if (int(one[1]) == solution) and (int(two[1]) == solution):
    print "Hello, world"

if you want to print it if one ore more condition is true you have to use or the same way

if (int(one[1]) == solution) or (int(two[1]) == solution):
    print "Hello, world" 

You shouldn't have to use elif. At least if I understand you.

elif is for testing a different condition if the condition in theif statement is false, consider this pattern

if spam:
    do_eggs() # We arrive here if spam is true
elif ham:
    do_sausages() # Here if spam was false but ham is true
    print "Camelot!" # And here if both were false


if spam:
elif ham:

would indeed be a twisted way of doing if spam or ham: do_eggs() but it really is ugly. Dost thou not dare use this or thou shalt be blown to tiny bits.

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Yep, you did and thank you. – Louis93 May 24 '11 at 12:52
You're welcome =) – Evpok May 24 '11 at 12:53
if int(one[1]) == solution or int(two[1]) == solution:
    print "Hello world"
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if (int(one[1]) == solution) and (int(two[1]) == solution):
   print 'Helloworld'
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All you need is an OR between them:

if (int(one[1]) == solution) or (int(two[1]) == solution)):
    print "Hello World"
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You can also use a list instead of "or", which is handy when there are many choices.

if solution in [int(one[1]), int(two[1]), int(three[0])]: 

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