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How do i get index value from NSMutableArray.

I got NSString *stringValue=@"e";

And my NSMutableArray *arrayValue=[[NSMutableArray alloc]init];

[arrayValue addobject:@"a"];
[arrayValue addobject:@"b"];
[arrayValue addobject:@"c"];
[arrayValue addobject:@"d"];
[arrayValue addobject:@"e"];
[arrayValue addobject:@"f"];
[arrayValue addobject:@"g"];

I want to get array index value based on string value.

How to do

@thanks in advance.

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Wow, a quick look at the documentation ?

NSUInteger index = [ar indexOfObject:@"e"];
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Since NSMutableArray is a NSArray subclass, all the methods are also inherited. You're looking for the indexOfObject: function

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