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I have a mail_receiver that pulls my email in via pop and then passes that message to my DropBoxMailer like this :


I need to pass a variable through to the DropBoxMailer class so need to do something like this

DropBoxMailer.receive(email.pop, another_var)

Does anyone know how to do this properly ?

as receive only expects 1 not 2 params ?

thanks Rick

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You can do like this:

class DropBoxMailer < ActionMailer::Base

  # redefine ActionMailer.receive with an additional parameter
  def self.receive(raw_mail, email_account, another_var)
    ActiveSupport::Notifications.instrument("receive.action_mailer") do |payload|
      mail =
      set_payload_for_mail(payload, mail)
      new.receive(mail, another_var)

  def receive(mail, another_var)

See example

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thanks a lot that worked great! – rick Jun 1 '11 at 14:10

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