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I am using JDBC to connect to a DB. Since the network was slow, i could get the connection after some 2 or 3 retry manually. Is it possible to retry the connection automatically if connection fails? I am using SQLServer 2008 database. Thanks

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A bit decent connection pool is already configureable to do so, for example BoneCP. Most do even do it by default. If you don't use a connection pool but just the basic DriverManager#getConnection() approach, then you have to re-execute it yourself in a while loop as long as the Connection is null.

Here's a basic kickoff example:

Connection connection = null;

while (connection == null) {
    try {
        connection = DriverManager.getConnection(url, username, password);
    } catch (SQLException e) {"Connecting failed, retrying...");

return connection;

This can of course be optimized more with bit longer pauses in between and by setting a maximum retry count, etcetera.

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