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I have written two simple codes..one java code to print a Hello World statement and other a aspect code to be weaven into it..

My hello world code is

// HelloWorld.java
public class HelloWorld {
public static void main(String args[]){
   say("Hello world");

public static void say(String message) {
public static void sayToPerson(String message, String name) {
    System.out.println(name + ", " + message);

and my aspect code is..

public aspect MannersAspect {
pointcut callSayMessage() : call(public static void HelloWorld.say*(..));
before() : callSayMessage() {
    System.out.println("Good day!");
after() : callSayMessage() {
    System.out.println("Thank you!");

I have saved both into HelloWorld.java and MannersAspect.java and have compiled it using ajc *.java

It has given me two classes HelloWorld.class and MannersAspect.class

Now the major question for me is "HOW TO RUN IT"?

Please help me with this.I am stuck.Thanks in advance..

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I figured It out..:P:P

I saw it on a website and it was like..

ajc -argfile <fullpath>\myList.lst

where myList.lst contained both files like this


And then doing java HelloWorld


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