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I have a group#view page, that is accessed by a Person. In this page, the Person can see the members of the group via methods I developed. The problem is that I need to create the model Honors using the Id from the group, the id from the person accessing the page, and the id from a member of this group.

In my Honors controller I have:

def create
  @person = Person.find(current_person)
  @honor = Honor.create(:group => Group.find(params[:group_id]), 
  :person => Person.find(current_person), :honored => Person.find(current_person))

The problem is in this :honored => Person.find(current_person), that is not getting the right ID and I don`t know how to get it.

In my view:

 <% @asked_groupmembership.each do |agm| %>
 <% form_for(:honor, :url => honors_path(:group_id =>, :person =>,:honor => do |f| %>

Any help?


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Where does current_person come from? – Ant May 24 '11 at 14:01
This is working it comes from the session control. Whoever acess the page will be the current_person. I know that in :honored => Person.find(current_person), current_person should not be there, but I just don't know what to put. – Zeroz May 24 '11 at 14:12

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If you need 3 components to properly create an honor record, you need to pass them from the form. You seem to be doing that part correctly.

:group_id =>
:person =>
:honor =>

To create the record, access the passed variables.

Honor.create(:group => Group.find(params[:group_id]),
             :person => Person.find(params[:person]),
             :honored => Person.find(params[:honor]))

Understanding the above isn't the most efficient, but used for demonstrative purposes. You'd likely want to avoid redundant database hits, e.g. :person => current_person rather than another query

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Thanks for the answer! I will try this out right away. I tried something else and opened a new question, trying to pass those Ids throgh a new form. Could you please take a look?… – Zeroz May 24 '11 at 15:03

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